Furniture Storage & Removals in Baulkham Hills

Moveworx For Complete Removals Services in Baulkham Hills

We are experts at local moving in Baulkham Hills

We’re also experts at getting the best value for money for you, no matter what size move you have, which is why we’ve developed a simple system to provide you with the best price on local moves – hourly rates on smaller moves and fixed price quotes on larger moves.

Large local moves

If you’ve got 3 or more bedrooms in your home, a large family or a lot of stuff or you’ve got a simultaneous settlement, consider a fixed price quote. In fact, if you’ve got a larger move with any challenges like difficult access or delicate and high value items then we consider an in-home quote to be essential.

Small local and ‘large items only’ moves

If you’re in a home with less than 3 bedrooms, have 2 people or fewer in your home, are moving just the ‘large items’ or you simply don’t have a lot to be moved, then one of Moveworx’s competitive hourly rates is your lowest cost option.

If you’re able, you can control the cost of your move by moving the boxes yourself or assisting with getting things to and from our truck.

“If you’re worried about how your move will progress, then don’t be concerned. When you hire Moveworx on one of our value for money hourly rates, we guarantee to work efficiently. We won’t ‘drag the chain’, take breaks on your time, get ‘lost’ or engage in low efficiency work practices. This means that you can confidently book us on an hourly rate and know that we will give you the best value for money possible.”

Country & Interstate moves

With our fleet of fully equipped vehicles ranging in size from medium to massive moving trucks, Moveworx is well equipped to expertly and carefully handle long distance moves of any size. We have a weekly run to Melbourne and Brisbane, and we’ll go to any destination in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland and South Australia.

Moving Supplies

Moveworx is your one stop shop for all your packing materials. We also offer prompt delivery and a refund on the purchase of new boxes.


Dread the thought of packing your home into boxes? Do you simply not have the time to pack yourself?

Using our range of custom made, heavy-duty cardboard boxes, we have a packing solution to safely handle everything from your most delicate China to your clothes, books and ornaments.

Packing yourself can take weeks. Our packing staff will take the hard work, frustration and stress out of what most of our clients consider quite an ordeal! You can put your feet up knowing your household contents will arrive at your new home in the same condition they left your old home.


Should you require storage, Moveworx uses industry best practice modular storage, a proven method that gives your furniture the best chance of ‘surviving’ being stored. Whether you need to store your valuables for a few days or several years, the Moveworx Furniture Storage System will return your goods, clean, dry and unbroken.

This is how our storage system works:

  1. We always wrap your furniture in thick protective blankets and use close fitting plastic covers for soft furnishings to ensure everything arrives in the same condition.
  2. Your goods are then loaded into purpose-built storage modules that are designed and built to store furniture safely. The modules fit precisely into our custom-made trucks, allowing us to load your goods into the storage module at your home. This eliminates unnecessary and costly double-handling and significantly reduces the risk of accidental breakage and damage.
  3. Once carefully loaded, your goods are transported inside the Moveworx Storage Modules to our AFRA accredited warehouse where they are easily unloaded with a forklift into our secure, clean and dry warehouse.

We provide a full inventory of the goods before loading. Our warehouse has pest control and monitored back to base security and we offer insurance for your goods whilst in store.

To re-deliver your goods, we simply reverse the process. We place the modules into our trucks with a forklift and unload them at your new home. Your goods are touched by hands only once into storage and only once on return to you.

The Moveworx Furniture Storage System is much cheaper than methods that ‘double handle’ your goods and is simply the best way to protect your goods when you’re between addresses!

Tips for choosing a removalist

With so many moving companies out there, choosing one can be difficult! When considering who to move you, ask the following questions. Choose a company that can answer ‘YES’ to all of them, like Moveworx.

  • Are they a member of AFRA (The Australian Furniture Removers Association)?
  • Do you know someone that has used them or are they able to provide real testimonials?
  • Do they have a physical address, are they easily contacted?
  • Is their ‘online reputation’ solid? Are people saying good things about them on the internet?
  • Can you confidently book them to do an hourly rate move without worrying about their work rate?
  • Do they have trained, uniformed and police-checked staff that care about giving you a good moving experience?
  • Are their trucks neat, tidy, properly equipped, well maintained and clearly marked with their name?
  • Are all details of your move from prices and dates to addresses confirmed beforehand in writing?