Do you need packing boxes? We sell them.

Moveworx has a range of package deals with everything you need to pack your home. How big is your home? Take a look below and decide which package is right for you based on the number of bedrooms in your home. All prices include GST.

Packages Available

1 Bed Package


+$33 refundable

2 Bed Package


+$44 refundable

3 Bed Package


+$60 refundable

4 Bed Package


+$77 refundable

5 Bed Package


+$94 refundable

5+ Bed Package


+$110 refundable
Small boxes151520253035
Large boxes152535455565
Reams of paperHalf a ream1 bundle1 bundle1 bundle1 bundle1 bundle
Rolls of tape3 rolls4 rolls5 rolls6 rolls6 rolls7 rolls
Marker pens111111

Boxes and Packaging Material

Tea Chest Carton$5.50 each / 2nd hand $4.50 each$1.00
Book Carton$4.00 each / 2nd hand $3.00 each$1.00
Picture Pac$8 eachNil
Port-a-robe$30 each / 2nd hand $20 each / Hire $7.50Nil
Tape$5.00 per roll-
Paper$45 per ream, small bundle from $33-
Bubble Wrap$3.00 per metre-
Tape Dispenser$40-

* Refund applies to cartons return in good condition only

Protective Covers

Description (all covers are thick, heavy duty)Price per cover
Dining chair$8.00
Single mattress$9.00
King, Queen & double mattress$11.00
Single lounge$11.00
2/3 seat lounge$13