Furniture Removals & Storage on the North Shore

Complete Removals Services on the North Shore

Moveworx are experts in local and interstate moves on Sydney’s North Shore, offering experience, reliability, and value for money, no matter the size of your move.

With a focus on quality and affordability, we’ve developed a simple system to provide you the best prices for local moves, with hourly rates for smaller moves and fixed-price quotes for larger ones.

Large local moves

At Moveworx, a large move generally involves more than three bedrooms or a sizeable number of possessions. Due to the length of time large moves can take, we offer fixed-price quotes, covering the entirety of your North Shore furniture removals. A fixed quote can be especially essential if your home has unique challenges, such as difficult access or high-value items that require extra care to move.

Small local moves

Moveworx offers competitive hourly rates that are perfect for small North Shore furniture removals, whether you have a home with fewer than three bedrooms or are moving a few key items. You can even further control your costs by assisting the removalists, reducing the total time taken to complete the move.

Moveworx prides itself on efficient work practices, using only as much time as needed to secure and move your possessions. When you hire our experienced removalists at our hourly rates, you can rest assured we will provide professional service and the best value for your money.

Interstate & country moves

Take the hassle and stress out of long-distance moves with our fleet of fully-equipped vehicles, ranging in size from medium to massive. Moveworx makes a weekly run to Melbourne and Brisbane, and we’ll deliver to any destination in Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia, and Queensland.

Your belongings will be carefully loaded onto our long-haul trucks and transported to your new home. We’ll efficiently handle every stage of your interstate or country move.

Moving supplies

In need of supplies to prepare your belongings for your next big move? The Moveworx Box Shop provides all the items you need to pack and secure your possessions, including boxes, bubble wrap, and packing material. We even offer refunds for boxes and cartons returned in good condition.

For a complete solution, Moveworx has a selection of convenient packing bundles packaged according to how many bedrooms you are moving. Simply pick your desired size and we’ll promptly deliver the supplies to your home.


Packing is always a time-intensive process, often requiring weeks of organisation and many weekends spent going through cupboards and drawers to ensure you’ve got everything. To save you time and simplify your move, Moveworx can do the packing for you, using our range of heavy-duty cardboard boxes.

Our packing staff will treat your belongings with the respect they deserve, safely handling everything from your most valuable possessions to clothes, books, and household items.

Furniture storage on the North Shore

Moveworx uses an industry best practice modular storage method to keep your belongings safe and secure for however long you need to store them, whether days, weeks, months, or years. Our custom-made storage system ensures your valuables are returned in the same condition they were stored in.

On the North Shore, our storage system works as follows:

  1. Solid or hard furniture is wrapped in protective blankets while close-fitting plastic covers are used for soft furnishings, allowing your items to be transported and stored as safely as possible.
  2. Your belongings are then loaded into our custom-made storage modules, purpose-built to store furniture safely. The modules are brought to your home on our custom-built trucks, ready to be loaded at your home or business.
  3. The storage module is then transported directly to our AFRA-accredited warehouse where it is unloaded with a forklift and stored securely.

To provide peace of mind and transparency, a complete inventory report is produced and provided before your belongings are loaded. Moveworx even offers insurance for an additional layer of protection while your items are in storage.

To remove your items from storage on the North Shore, the process is simply reversed. Your modules are placed into our custom trucks using a forklift, before being delivered to your desired location.

The Moveworx Storage System doesn’t involve any double handling. Your items will only be moved into and out of the storage module once.

Tips for choosing a removalist

Do you completely trust a potential removalist with your valuables? This is one of the most important questions to keep in mind when searching for a removals and storage company.

Ask the following questions about any potential removalist. They should be able to answer ‘yes’ to all of them. Moveworx certainly can.

  • Are they a member of the Australian Furniture Removers Association (AFRA)?
  • Are their trucks and moving equipment clean and properly maintained?
  • Can they be easily contacted?
  • Do they provide all the details of your move including pricing, dates, and addresses, in writing?
  • What do their reviews say about their service? Are their reviews recent?

Moveworx are the experts in local, country, and interstate moves. Get in touch with our friendly team on 1300 731 730 for more information about our removal services or to organise your move.