Furniture Removals & Storage in Hornsby


Complete Removals Services in Hornsby

Moveworx are your experts in local, country, and interstate moves.

With years of experience, flexibility, and value for money, we provide the best furniture removals in Hornsby. We use a simple system to provide the best prices for your move, with hourly rates for small moves and fixed-price quotes for larger ones.

Small local moves

Our competitive hourly rates are ideal if you have fewer than three bedrooms or are only planning on moving a few belongings. Our highly-trained removalists will work efficiently throughout the move, taking only enough time to properly load and secure your belongings in our custom trucks.

Moveworx prides itself on honesty and professional working practices, guaranteeing that we won’t take breaks on your time, get ‘lost’, or ‘drag the chain’ while we work. When you hire Moveworx, you can be certain that we provide the highest quality moving services in Hornsby.

You can even control the cost of your move by assisting the removalists with getting your items to and from the truck.

Large local moves

Moveworx offers convenient fixed-price quotes for homes with more than three bedrooms or if you have a large number of belongings, providing a single cost for the entire move. This allows you to plan and budget more effectively, simplifying the stresses of moving day.

A fixed-quote is also recommended if you are moving items of high value or foresee potential challenges, such as difficult access.

Interstate & country moves

Moveworx is properly-equipped to handle long-distance moves, with a fleet of vehicles ranging in size from medium to massive. Your belongings, carefully packed in our custom storage modules, are loaded onto our long-distance trucks and moved to your new home.

We make a weekly run to Brisbane and Melbourne, and we’ll deliver to any destination in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, and South Australia. With Moveworx, moving into a new home has never been easier.

Moving supplies at the Box Shop

Find everything you need to pack, secure, and protect your belongings at the Moveworx Box Shop. Purchase boxes and packing material at affordable rates, and receive a refund for cartons returned in good condition.

Moveworx even offers bundled packages, filled with everything you’ll need for your move conveniently arranged based on the number of bedrooms in your home. Each package includes small boxes, large boxes, reams of paper, tape, and a marker pen.


Leave your packing in the reliable hands of the Moveworx team, saving you time and effort in the lead-up to your move. Using our range of custom-made heavy-duty cardboard boxes, we provide the perfect packing solutions for all your possessions, from high-value belongings and sentimental items to clothes and household essentials.

Furniture storage in Hornsby

Using purpose-built storage modules, Moveworx provides an industry best practice modular storage method to keep your furniture and other belongings safe. Our modules keep your valuables clean, dry, and secure for however long you need to store them.

This is how our storage system works in Hornsby:

  1. We wrap thick blankets around your furniture, padding them against potential bumps, scratches, and knocks, while soft furnishings are protected using close-fitting plastic covers.
  2. Your possessions are then carefully loaded into one or more of our purpose-built storage modules, designed to both transport and store your items safely. These storage modules fit securely within our custom-made trucks, allowing our removalists to load your belongings at your home or business. Your items won’t need to be unpacked and re-packed later, we simply move the module itself.
  3. After your belongings have been loaded, we transport the modules to our AFRA-accredited warehouse where they are easily unloaded with a forklift and placed into storage.

Moveworx produces a complete inventory of all your belongings before loading, noting the type and condition of each item, ensuring transparency and the safety of your goods. We even offer insurance for added peace of mind while your valuables are in storage.

When you want to take your items out of storage, the process is simply reversed. The storage modules are removed from our warehouse and placed into our custom trucks, before being transported to your home or business. Once there, the storage modules are opened and unloaded onsite.

Using the Moveworx Storage System ensures there is no double handling with the loading or managing of your belongings. Your items are only touched by hands once as they are loaded and once again as they are unloaded.

Tips for choosing a removalist

With so many removal companies trying to capture your attention, it can be quite difficult to pick the perfect furniture removalist for your move in Hornsby.

When considering who to hire for your move, ask the following questions. Your removalist should be able to answer ‘yes’ to all of them. Moveworx certainly can.

  • Are they a member of the Australian Furniture Removers Association (AFRA)?
  • Do they have a large number of positive reviews and testimonials?
  • Are their staff trained, experienced, and dedicated to providing high-quality service?
  • Are their trucks and moving equipment clean and properly maintained?

Moveworx are the experts in local, country, and interstate moves. Get in touch with our friendly team on 1300 731 730 for more information about our removal services or to organise your move.